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VAPE 101: Disposable Vapes



Disposable vapes are popular due to their simplicity and usefulness.

The main difference between vaping and smoking (i.e. smoking a joint) is that with vaping, no substance is burned. When cannabis is inhaled, whether through vaping or smoking a joint, the absorption method is the same; THC is absorbed by the blood in the lungs and moves quickly to the brain, producing an almost immediate effect, possibly within minutes. Source: OCS.ca

There are a few major reasons for the rapid growth in popularity of vapes:

  1. Healthier alternative to burning cannabis – Unlike smoking, in which cannabis is burned producing carcinogens, the product is heated, releasing vapour into the chamber where it is then inhaled.
  2. Simplicity – No grinder, bowl, pipe, bong, lighter needed. Simply draw from the mouthpiece as desired.
  3. Discrete – In need of a hoot but can’t sneak out for a puff? Vapes are great because not only are they super simple to use, — they barely smell!

Have you ever experienced smoking a joint and can’t seem to get the smell out of your clothes or hands? The smell is mild and slightly different than typical cannabis smoke and doesn’t “attach” to fabrics or materials.

The main consideration in purchasing a vape: Always buy legal. Products available on the illegal market could be exposed to products which caused the “vape outrage” in 2019. When buying legal, you know products are not cut with potentially dangerous fillers such as vitamin E oil. All legal products go through very thorough and rigorous testing at the sole benefit of the consumer — for your safety!

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