• 32 king street s. waterloo

Bud & Sally Cannabis Co.

Bud & Sally tells the story of a free spirits that met in a different time when life was a bit slower and a bit simpler. We are excited to be Waterloo’s first premium cannabis shop. At Bud & Sally, we look forward to hanging with you.


The Mission

Bud & Sally Cannabis Co. is all about bringing community back into the word cannabis. We have long dreamt of a world where cannabis was legal and accepted. Our mission is to share this incredible experience with you.


Our Team

Our staff are well trained industry professionals who provide the best knowledge and insights so you can make educated purchase decisions, coupled with a wide variety of accessories and cannabis to fulfill all of your needs.

Waterloo's Original Cannabis Store

Bud & Sally Cannabis Co. has chosen Waterloo as its home. We have deep connections with the tri-cities’ area and want to share our sense of community with those who we care about most.