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510 Thread Vapes



In our last vape segment we discussed disposable vapes.

While disposable vapes are a convenient way to consume, when should you consider a 510 thread?

The main difference between a disposable and a 510 thread is one simple difference; reusability.

If you are new to vape and not sure if it is right for you, a disposable pen is a great choice. Try it out. Ready to use. Throw away when finished.

If vape seems to kick it for you and is something you’d like to use, switch over to a 510 thread. That way, you can use different cartridges and strains on the same battery, easily swapping them out by unscrewing them from the battery. The best part — the battery is easily rechargeable via a USB. That way, you don’t need to throw out the entire vape when it is finished. Recharge and reuse the vape. It is better for the environment and your pocket!

We have several 510 vape batteries on sale in our accessory category so you don’t have to feel bad about doing good for the environment!

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